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Important Leadership Qualities

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A leader is one who leads and his ability to influence and at the same time motivate all the people around him and to control their minds and achieve all of the desired objectives is what is meant by leadership. So, in order to lead it is very much important that one should have certain leadership qualities in him. A leader is a person who in fact walks the talk. He leads a group of people by motivating them. 

So, each and every word that he speaks and each and every action that he takes in fact convey certain message to his people. No one is a born leader. Leadership qualities cannot be achieved by anyone in their mother's womb although this fact is often argued that leaders are always born natural and not made. Even if we take this as a truth, still one fact remains that most of the leaders learn leadership qualities over a period of time. Some of the most important qualities of a leadership are the ability to handle pressure without actually losing your focus. A good leader would always rise against the highest tide facing it boldly.  

A leader would always show a much practical approach towards any problem rather than showing a simple approach and at the same time try and exhibit patience with self-belief and all the courage in the world to accept his mistakes. Believe me not much people out there ever have the courage to accept their own mistakes. A leader is a person who always needs to communicate with his people. So a leader should have an excellent communication skill. They should in fact be able to link their wires with their people so that everyone feels more comfortable in expressing themselves in front of a leader. It is very important that a leader develops heart-to-heart relationship with all of his people.

A leader is a person who is a visionary. He should be able to see and understand the future so that it becomes an easy task to take decisions. Visionary is a quality that is usually considered as insane in its early stages but later on has the power to change the face of history. A leader should always be capable enough to take any amount of risk as gain comes with risk. A leader should in fact not be confined to a lying shell in a comfortable corner. Or in other words he should simply not be satisfied with what ever he has achieved, as our achievements are already history.

Leader should constantly motivate himself as it would help a true leader to synchronize with the present time. It will also prepare him to face new challenges. A leader should always be honest to himself as well as to his people. Every one has a tremendous faith in our leaders; moreover it is a common saying that preaching is easier as compared to practicing. A leader should be a man of action. So a leader is one who shows consistency not to change his stance but the stance of the masses.


Source:  Ezine


Success Today Means Doing Things Differently - 10 Ideas to Think About

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Why are some people doing bad in this economic time, while others are doing great?

Why are some people creating tremendous success in the same business/industry that others are dying in?

Why are some businesses closing, while others are just opening their doors?

Strange isn't it?

I mean if the times are really that bad, then why aren't we all doing bad? If business is really that bad, why are my competitor's sales up 50% while mine are down 50%? How can this be? What makes it great for some and for others?

Maybe, just maybe it is all in how you look at it. The old saying, "is the glass half full or half empty"?

But more than that - are you looking at things the same way you have been for the past 10, 15 or 20 years? Are you doing the same things you have been doing?

Or, are you looking at things differently?

Are you using you mind and saying - let me try something else? Are you using that great knowledge of yours and thinking differently? Are you stepping back - getting the opinion of someone younger or someone who is totally outside your industry?

Amazing what will happen if you open up and try something different?

You see, it is not about doing what you have been doing better, longer, faster or cheaper. It might just be about doing something differently?

If you take a look at those companies today who are successful you will see that they are looking at things differently.

Here are ten things for you to think about.

1) Check the attitude at the door Dump the doom and gloom and start figuring out how to make it work. Start by coming to the realization that a bad economy mean a great time to make money.

2) Take a reality check. Forget that it has worked for 20 years - it is not working today -that is the reality? So what are you going to do differently

3) Listen to people outside your business Instead of the so called experts in what you do, ask someone who knows nothing about what you do. Take people who do not sell and ask them how they would do it?

4) Get some youthful involvement. Amazing what a little youth can do for a company where everyone has been there for 20 years.

5) Don't get sucked into what everyone else is doing - think for yourself.

6) Do some brain storming - don't judge the ideas, just make a huge list and then go back and work the list.

7) Find others who are positive and work with them. I hate to say it, but if all the people you are hanging out with are negative, start hanging out with some different people.

8) Get involved in a mastermind group Share you issues with other Help other people with their issues Let others help you with your issues

9) Get more education Instead of cutting training and education - spend more money here This gets the creative juices flowing This is what you need right now Stop holding back.

10) Get out there and network, network and network some more People do business with people they like.

This list is just my simple list to start with. Use it, add to it. Send me some ideas and we will share them with others over the next few months.

Just do something to move your life/career/business forward - will you please.


Source: Ezine


Leadership Lessons From Apollo 13

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You might be surprised to know you can learn valuable leadership lessons from watching the Apollo 13 movie popping up on various cable channels these days. Wanting success did not get this spacecraft back to earth. True leaders have strategies they employ to make sure failure, as they say in the movie, is not an option.

The first step is, of course, communicating that you have a problem in the first place and "Houston, we have a problem" did just that. Let's continue our journey to find out what else the Apollo 13 movie can teach us about leadership:

• Don't Wait to Call in Your Support Team. Build a back-up support team into your project. At the first sign of trouble, ask for help. Call them up; get them out of bed just like in the movie. Think of your support team as understudies for the project. They know what you know.

• Work the Problem. Defining the problem is the hardest part of problem solving. They didn't solve part of the problem with the spacecraft and then congratulate themselves--this is common and usually creates additional work. Don't make the problem worse by guessing what is wrong.

• Know When to Cut Your Losses. Listen to the experts on your team. It didn't take much time to decide they weren't going to moon. They didn't dwell on it. They kept going; and so should you.

• Stay Calm. In the movie, multiple people write down coordinates, check them and report results to the leadership. They remain calm despite the life-and-death situation. If they could do this on Apollo 13, you can do it at your office.

• Keep Communication Avenues Open. In the film, one character turns off his television and takes his phone off the hook, costing valuable time and input in solving the crisis. Make sure you can get in touch with people on your team. Create a policy if you must.

• Work with What You Have---Not What You Wish For. Many leadership teams waste valuable time and effort discussing what could have been. Remorse, like other regrets, accomplishes nothing. In the movie, one team dumps actual items they have to work with in the spacecraft to correct oxygen levels on a table. Enough said.

• Be Creative. In the movie, one character despairs at how the items on the table can solve the oxygen problem--they weren't designed for this, he declares. The leader responds: "I don't care what it was designed to do. I care what it can do."

• Never Stop Practicing. Simulate success at every opportunity. Try it out. In the movie, the astronaut on the ground works the test chamber until the process is successful. Test your theories.

• Stick to Tried-and-True Procedures. Don't throw everything out the window. You probably had good reason to come up with your procedures. They worked for a reason, and will do so again.

• Restate Your Vision. Leaders need to remind people why the work needs to be done in both positive--and sometimes dramatic terms.

When Apollo 13 occurred, America was facing its first serious space disaster. It didn't happen. The team leader told them it wouldn't--inspiring success.

Source: ezine

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Buku Harian Ayah

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Ayah dan ibu telah menikah lebih dari 30 tahun, saya sama sekali tidak pernah melihat mereka bertengkar.

Di dalam hati saya, perkawinan ayah dan ibu ini selalu menjadi teladan bagi saya, juga selalu berusaha keras agar diri saya bisa menjadi seorang pria yang baik, seorang suami yang baik seperti ayah saya. Namun harapan tinggallah harapan, sementara penerapannya sangatlah sulit.

Tak lama setelah menikah, saya dan istri mulai sering bertengkar hanya akibat hal - hal kecil dalam rumah tangga. Malam minggu pulang ke kampung halaman, saya tidak kuasa menahan diri hingga menuturkan segala keluhan tersebut pada ayah.

Tanpa mengeluarkan sepatah kata pun, ayah mendengarkan segala keluhan saya dan setelah itu, beliau berdiri dan masuk ke dalam rumah. Tak lama kemudian, ayah mengusung keluar belasan buku catatan dan ditumpuknya begitu saja di hadapan saya. Sebagian besar buku tersebut halamannya telah menguning, kelihatannya buku-buku tersebut telah disimpan selama puluhan tahun.
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Berkembang Menembus Batasan

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Bila kita melihat keadaan di sekitar kita hari-hari ini, kita akan melihat betapa cepatnya jaman ini berkembang. Bahkan perubahan tersebut seringkali terjadi tanpa kita sadari. Sebagai contoh, teknologi yang berkembang begitu pesat, intelektual yang semakin meningkat, penemuan-penemuan baru di bidang kesehatan dan obat-obatan, dsb. Perubahan tersebut tidak dapat kita hindari, sebagaimana ada pepatah yang mengatakan, "Satu-satunya hal yang tidak akan pernah berubah, adalah perubahan itu sendiri."

Bila kita terlena sedikit saja, besar sekali kemungkinan untuk kita akan kehilangan kesempatan kita untuk berkembang, atau setidak-tidaknya kita akan tertinggal dengan semua kolega kita. Maka dari itu kita harus belajar untuk membiasakan diri dengan perubahan tersebut, sehingga kita akan menjadi pribadi yang mudah untuk beradaptasi dengan situasi yang ada, tanpa meniadakan norma, prinsip dan nilai yang sudah kita pegang dari mulanya.

1. Miliki tujuan yang jelas - kembangkan!.
Orang yang tidak memiliki tujuan di dalam hidupnya tidak akan pernah bisa berkembang dengan maksimal. Mengapa? Karena dia tidak akan tahu ke mana dia harus melangkah, dan ini akan berdampak pada keputusan-keputusan yang diambilnya. Tetapi untuk menjadi berkembang tanpa batas, seseorang juga harus memiliki kemampuan untuk memperluas tujuannya. Walt Disney dapat berkembang begitu luas sampai ke seluruh dunia hanya dimulai dari mimpi seorang Walter Elias Disney yang miskin untuk berusaha membahagiakan semua anak di seluruh dunia. Dan sampai sekarang, meskipun Mr. Disney sudah meninggal, tetapi mimpi itu masih terus berlanjut.

2. Miliki inisiatif untuk berkembang tanpa batas.
Saat Christopher Columbus ingin berlayar mengelilingi dunia, semua orang menganggapnya gila karena mereka percaya bahwa bumi itu datar, bukan bulat. Tetapi karena keberaniannya untuk berinisiatif! 'gila' tersebutlah kita dapat mengetahui fakta bahwa bumi memang bulat, bukan datar. Saat kita ingin berkembang, jangan menunggu perubahan terjadi pada orang lain baru kita dapat berkembang. Miliki mental bahwa perubahan itu harus dimulai dari diri kita, bukan orang lain.


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Kerja Ikhlas bukan Kerja Bodoh

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Dikutip dari artikel Victor Asih

Di jaman yang hampir semua hal diukur dengan materi, kerja ikhlas menjadi hal yang langka. Pelakunya pun kerap disebut orang aneh, orang antik atau orang yang melakukan hal bodoh. Kebanyakan orang di jaman ini memang bekerja dengan "tulus" tetapi tidak ikhlas! "

Lho, apa bedanya Pak?", tanya para mahasiswa yang mengikuti kuliah atau disebuah seminar. Terjawab,"Tulus adalah singkatan dari TUjuannya fuLUS". Jadi bekerja karena motivasinya adalah untuk mendapatkan uang. Jika mendapatkan uang banyak maka bekerja keras dengan sangat baik, tetapi jika mendapat uangnya sedikit maka kerjanya asal saja.

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10 Rahasia Sukses Bangsa Jepang.

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10 Rahasia Sukses Bangsa Jepang.

Setelah Hiroshima dan Nagasaki luluh lantak terkena bom atom sekutu (Amerika), Jepang pelan tapi pasti berhasil bangkit. Mau tidak mau harus diakui saat ini Jepang bersama China dan Korea Selatan sudah menjelma menjadi macan Asia dalam bidang teknologi dan ekonomi. Ada 10 resep sukses bagsa Jepang yang antara lain :


Sudah menjadi rahasia umum bahwa bangsa Jepang adalah pekerja keras. Rata-rata jam kerja pegawai di Jepang adalah 2450 jam/tahun, sangat tinggi dibandingkan dengan Amerika (1957 jam/tahun), Inggris (1911 jam/tahun), Jerman (1870 jam/tahun), dan Perancis (1680 jam/tahun). Seorang pegawai di Jepang bisa menghasilkan sebuah mobil dalam 9 hari, sedangkan pegawai di negara lain memerlukan 47 hari untuk membuat mobil yang bernilai sama. Seorang pekerja Jepang boleh dikatakan bisa melakukan pekerjaan yang biasanya dikerjakan oleh 5-6 orang. Pulang cepat adalah sesuatu yang boleh dikatakan “agak memalukan” di Jepang, dan menandakan bahwa pegawai tersebut termasuk “yang tidak dibutuhkan” oleh perusahaan. Di kampus, professor juga biasa pulang malam (tepatnya pagi ;)), membuat mahasiswa nggak enak pulang duluan. Fenomena Karoshi (mati karena kerja keras) mungkin hanya ada di Jepang. Sebagian besar literatur menyebutkan bahwa dengan kerja keras inilah sebenarnya kebangkitan dan kemakmuran Jepang bisa tercapai.


Malu adalah budaya leluhur dan turun temurun bangsa Jepang. Harakiri (bunuh diri dengan menusukkan pisau ke perut) menjadi ritual sejak era samurai, yaitu ketika mereka kalah dan pertempuran. Masuk ke dunia modern, wacananya sedikit berubah ke fenomena “mengundurkan diri” bagi para pejabat (mentri, politikus, dsb) yang terlibat masalah korupsi atau merasa gagal menjalankan tugasnya. Efek negatifnya mungkin adalah anak-anak SD, SMP yang kadang bunuh diri, karena nilainya jelek atau tidak naik kelas. Karena malu jugalah, orang Jepang lebih senang memilih jalan memutar daripada mengganggu pengemudi di belakangnya dengan memotong jalur di tengah jalan. Bagaimana mereka secara otomatis langsung membentuk antrian dalam setiap keadaan yang membutuhkan, pembelian ticket kereta, masuk ke stadion untuk nonton sepak bola, di halte bus, bahkan untuk memakai toilet umum di stasiun-stasiun, mereka berjajar rapi menunggu giliran. Mereka malu terhadap lingkungannya apabila mereka melanggar peraturan ataupun norma yang sudah menjadi kesepakatan umum.

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