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Wisdom of the Day

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm.

Renewable Energy

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In the early 2010, Adyawinsa is proud to introduce its products in the field of renewable energy. One of the superior product that has begun to be marketed is the Solar System with Adyasolar brand.

We have several products line such as:

  1. Solar Panel that available in several watt peak:
  2. Solar Controller
  3. Battery
  4. Inverter

For detail information please download our brochure in the product link.

Adyasolar BCUadyasolar BCUAdyasolar Inverter










Adyasolar also has been certified by Balai Besar Teknologi Energi (BPPT) such as below.


Last Updated ( Monday, 29 November 2010 20:59 )