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Wisdom of the Day

Integrity combined with faithfulness is a powerful force and worthy of great respect.

Die & Mould Making

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DIE making is manufacturing various press tools, such as punching, bending, drawing, and progressive tools. Our press tools have been used by many industries which produce precision and high quality sheet metal work components. It is not only the construction and fabrication process we are looking at, but selection of material and hardening technique are also important in every press tools manufacture. We know that a long life time of press tools will decrease your production cost.

MOULD making, despite manufacturing technology expanding rapidly, the mould making process is still "hand work" which is irreplaceable wholly by machine. Know-how, skill, and experience are absolutely required in the process of mould making. We have been producing an "A" class mould for many years, and therefore become the backbone in mould making development in the country. Our moulds were designed to produce small to medium size of injection plastic components according to technical specification required by various industries.

Die & Mould Products

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