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Are we doing the thing right?
Are we doing the right thing?

Telecommunication - Infrastucture

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a. Mounting bracket & boom for microwave radio antenna, BTS antenna, etc. fabrication.

Image  Image
b. Feeder cable clamp (1/4” , 7/8” , 1 ¼” , 1 5/8” etc.) fabrication.
Image  Image
Image  Image
c. DDF / MDF Support & Frame for 19” rack fabrication.
d. 19” Racks (open, closed), ETSI Racks fabrication.
Image  Image  Image
e. AC/DC PDB/IDB panel fabrication.
Image  Image
f. MONOPOLE 6m, 9m, 12m
Image  Image
g. Civil, Mechanical & Electrical.
Together with costumer we could design and provide the civil works for telecommunication room or data center room including the supporting facilities, e.g. raised floor, structured cabling system, UPS system, Air Conditioning system, fire prevention and alarm system, Main Distribution Frame (MDF) or Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF), etc.
Image  Image
h. Tower Solution
  • Survey (Site feasibility, soil test, etc)
  • Site Acquisition (All necessary permits)
  • Tower foundation and erection works
Image  Image
  • Shelter implementation
Image  Image
  • Mechanical and Electrical works
Image  Image

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