Adyawinsa Group

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Wisdom of the Day

What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence.

Company in Brief

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ADW GroupAdyawinsa Group is a provider of mould, die, checking jig, fixtures, plastic injection, metal stamping, machining, welding, metal roof manufacturing, lamp fixture manufacturing, electrical assembly, telecommunication infrastructure and telecommunication services. We work professionally with the world standard ISO9001 & TS-16949 (certified) to satisfy customer expectation.

Adyawinsa Group was established on March 2nd, 1994. It is now supported by more than 2500 employees; most of them are in the manufacturing industry. We put Customers & Suppliers as our Business Partners to be able to deliver added values and competitive advantages through our products and services.

Now we have 4 main business categories: Luminaire-Solar System-Ballast, Telecommunication, Stamping & Tool Making, Plastic Injection & Mold Making.


PT. Adyawinsa Dinamika Jababeka, produce indoor and outdoor lighting product for Philips, starting at 2003, located at Jababeka Industrial Estate.
Mainly we produce outdoor lighting fixture up to 400W. The activity is covering assembly works, supported by product designing, research laboratory, metal stamping, machining and painting, certified with ISO9001:2008 and ISO14000:2004

Since 2010 the company name changed to be PT ADYAWINSA ELECTRICAL AND POWER, with it’s main activity in solar panel, ballast and luminaire manufacturing.


PT. Adyawinsa Dinamika, Telecommunication Division was started by manufacturing telecommunication infrastructure. With its rapid expansion and supported by Partners trust, in 2004 it started to enter the telecommunication services, telecommunication system integration and telecommunication products reselling / distribution.

To satisfied our customer in telecommunication business, PT. Adyawinsa Telecommunication & Electrical was establish in Jababeka Industrial Estate with it’s activity in manufacturing, services and agency for telecommunication and electrical solutions since 2007.


PT. Adyawinsa Dinamika Karawang was established in with it’s activity in stamping, sub assy parts for two wheels and die making since 2004.
PT Adyawinsa Stamping Industries was established in with it’s activity in stamping and sub assy parts for four wheels and die making since 2005.


PT. Adyawinsa Plastics Industries Karawang was established in with it’s activity in plastic injection and mold making since 2009

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